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  • Mineral Powder Foundation

    Our mineral make-up is micro-formulated using only the best quality, all-natural minerals that are free of oils, talc, fragrances, preservatives, dyes, and other chemicals and irritants, such as bismuth oxychloride. Our cosmetic is ideal for those with chemical sensitivities, sensitive or sun-damaged skin, acne prone skin and for anyone who is health-conscious and would like to use non-toxic, natural cosmetics with calming anti-inflammatory properties. As a little goes a long way, only a layer or two is required for good coverage, allowing the skin to breathe! With an estimated Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15-20, it is great as a sunblock alternative for daily activities. On top of that, our mineral make-up is almost 100% water resistant! One only needs to pat dry to retain the make-up. No cleansing milk or make-up removal is needed as our mineral make-up is easily washed off with any cleanser.
  • Pure Cleansing Oil

    A sweet scenting gentle oil that leaves skin fresh and refined. A non-comedogenic, water-rinsable oil that's botanically formulated with pure cold-pressed carrier oils to perfectly remove makeup and impurities.

    Made of plant oils that are rich in Vitamin E, our cleansing oil conditions the skin while removing make-up and impurities away. Circulatory and toning properties of the essential oils help to promote radiance to fatigue skin.

    Absolutely 100% mineral oil free

  • Flora Fusion Wash

    A rare Sulphate-Free Facial wash!

    This cleansing system is free of all the SLS, uses natural Soapberry saponins and decyl glucosides that clean effectively, yet is mild and gentle on your skin. It contains superfood - Pomegranate extract, calming Calendula extract and hydrating cleaning agents to remove light make-up, dirts and impurities while maintaining skin's natural pH.

    Cleansers usually contains large percentage of harsh surfactants and preservatives but our unique formulation, together with our principle of wholesome, natural skincare means we have replaced all these chemicals, from surfactants to preservatives, to eco-friendly and natural ingredients.

    This floral smelling eco-wash is preserved with paraben-free and formaldehyde-free preservative system.

  • Enzymatic Blemish Masque

    A wholesome anti-bacterial mask for those troubled with clogs and pimples. The addition of hydrolyzed oats and coconut water help to keep the skin moist and hydrated, unlike the usual anti-acne products in the market that dries the skin.

    Anti-oxidants rich raspberry fruit & white tea extract help in skin repair and lightening of blemish marks while marrubium extract reduce the inflammation of the acne. Pores are refined with the astringency properties of Horse chestnut seed & lady’s mantle extracts.

    We have increased the volume from 30ml to 45ml! Get to enjoy more application of mask for the same price!
  • Makeup Masque

    Does your makeup stay fresh throughout the day? Are you spending more time re-applying and fixing during your break? Take a look at our water resistant Makeup Masque. It is a mask and foundation in one! Imagine walking around looking great in foundation-cum-facial mask. It: ~ Doesn't congest the pores ~ Repairs the skin ~ Water resistant ~ Provides adequate coverage ~ UV protection 3 shades: fair, medium and tan.
  • Essential oils workshop (Basic)  01 April 2017 Saturday 1 - 3pm

    Out of stock

    Essential oils workshop (Basic) 01 April 2017 Saturday 1 - 3pm

     Many research studies have proven that nature's oldest plant medicine (essential oils) have potent healing and anti-bacteria properties.

     This workshop gives you an insight on how potent essential oils can enhance the critical areas of your daily life; such as immune support, relaxation and sleep, stress relief, emotional balance, skin care, respiratory health, green cleaning, and even muscle tension and pain.

    Participants will learn about essential oil safety, how essential oils are produced, and common methods of use.

    By the end of the workshop, you'll know how to make basic blends for yourself, family, and friends.

    Participants will make and bring home their own essential oil blend.


    Learn about the healing properties of different natural essential oils and concoct your own effective yet creative blend.

    • Healing blend for bodily aches.
    • Anti-Bacterial blend for acne.
    • Concentration blend for work & examinations.
    • Relationship healing blend for a sense of peacefulness and calm.
    • Others

    (Workshop fee $30  + Material fee $18)



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