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  • EyeBright Firming Serum

    An superior non-greasy eye serum that targets dark circles and strengthens cell structure with the support of nourishing active ingredients. Enhance with multiple peptides to target the root of various eye problem, giving brighter firmer eyes.
  • Eye Firming Potion

    A non-sticky eye serum that glides and smoothens skin around the eyes without the use of any silicon. This serum is designed to plump up the skin around the eyes with skin plumper Kigelia extract and extra-cellular matrix regulatory botanical extracts. Hexapeptide-10, a laboratory-synthesized laminin, promotes cell adhesion and proliferation of the Dermal Epidermal Junction (DEJ), inducing an increase in dermis density & improving skin compactness. This works in a multi-factorial way, ensuring the causes of skin thinning and sagging skin around the eyes to be addressed.

    The cocktail of green tea extract, pomegranate extract and caffeine give the eyes a further shot of vitalizing power, allowing the blood circulation around the eyes to increase and preventing dark circles and puffiness from getting worse.

    This is great for targeting lines around the eyes. For any age that has wrinkles/crow feet to lessen.

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