Our products are made in Singapore with most probably the finest natural ingredients from all over the globe.

ms.Artisan is registered with the Health Science Authority of Singapore (HSA) and we adhere to the strict guidelines for cosmetic products.

Every one of our products is dermatologically tested.

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  • Age-Proof Sunblock (White)

    • We have increased our sunblock vegetable melanin in our new batch of white age proof sunblock.
    A little fact about vegetable melanin: Our plant melanin is extracted from the brown fruit of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera). This plant is cultivated in desert environments, known to posses the most intense sunlight radiation on the surface of the Earth. Vegetable Melanin is produced in the fruit during ripening by the enzyme tyrosinase, to protect the fruit from the intense solar radiation. Vegetable Melanin has the typical polyphenol composition of all melanins; it is this polyphenol composition that gives Vegetable Melanin an­tioxidant and free radical scavenging properties. Vegetable Melanin also possesses strong absorption in the UVA and visible regions of the sunlight spectrum, and is re­sponsible for protection in these areas. Age-Proof Sunblock is a wide-spectrum sun protector (block wavelength of 290nm - 700nm) with healing aloe vera & anti-oxidants to maintain the skin integrity and minimize the damage of UV. As no sunblock blocks 100% of the UV rays, our skin will still be exposed to a certain percentage of UV rays on a daily basis. The addition of special watermelon extract and vegetable melanin found in this sunblock will prevent the breakdown of our skin's DNA by these UV rays.
    • UVA wavelength range : 320-400nm
    • UVB wavelength range: 290-320nm
    Oil-free formula (except 1% or below essential oils)

    Comes in original white and tinted pink form.

  • Enzymatic Blemish Masque

    A wholesome anti-bacterial mask for those troubled with clogs and pimples. The addition of hydrolyzed oats and coconut water help to keep the skin moist and hydrated, unlike the usual anti-acne products in the market that dries the skin.

    Anti-oxidants rich raspberry fruit & white tea extract help in skin repair and lightening of blemish marks while marrubium extract reduce the inflammation of the acne. Pores are refined with the astringency properties of Horse chestnut seed & lady’s mantle extracts.

    We have increased the volume from 30ml to 45ml! Get to enjoy more application of mask for the same price!
  • X-Acne Clay Mask

    This is particularly enriched with herbal extracts that exhibits high anti-microbial properties. High anti-oxidants boost up the anti-bacterial function further while speeding up the wound healing process to minimize unwanted tissue loss. Sinigrin, the main compound in wasabi extract that's added, is a powerful anti-oxidant that protects DNA from oxidative damages in inflamed acne environment. Chaparral, a blood purifier, helps to reduce toxin while lady's mantle extract aids in refining the pores.
  • Vitamin Mineral Cocktail Mask

    Wholesome minerals and vitamins rich pumpkin enriched with tamanu & pumpkin seed oil will work its magic in giving your skin a boost! Tamanu oil is said to be one of the most effective agent in promoting new tissue formation, thereby accelerating the growth of healthy skin tissue and speeding up wound repair. This powerful skin regenerator is also known for its anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial and anti-oxidation properties. We have increased the volume from 30ml to 45ml! Get to enjoy more application of mask for the same price!
  • Raspberry Whitening Mask

    Punched with high dose of antioxidants, this brightening mask leaves skin clean & glowy. Known for their anti-tyrosinase properties, alpha-arbutin & lemon peel ferment work hand in hand to lighten pigmentation and whitens the skin. Pomegranate enzyme gently dissolves dead cells to facilitate penetration of active ingredients deep into the skin. We have increased the volume from 30ml to 45ml! Get to enjoy more application of mask for the same price!
  • Botanical Purifying Clay Mask

    One exceptional Clay mask with hydrating properties. Unlike the usual drying clay masks in the market, this is one that hydrates while drawing out skin impurities and tightening the pores.

    Presence of Arnica extract and green tea extract speeds up skin healing and lighten existing blemish marks.

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