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Holistic well-being is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. The practice of holistic treatment integrates conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat disease, and most importantly, to promote optimal health.

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  • Essential oils workshop (Basic)  01 April 2017 Saturday 1 - 3pm

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    Essential oils workshop (Basic) 01 April 2017 Saturday 1 - 3pm

     Many research studies have proven that nature's oldest plant medicine (essential oils) have potent healing and anti-bacteria properties.


     This workshop gives you an insight on how potent essential oils can enhance the critical areas of your daily life; such as immune support, relaxation and sleep, stress relief, emotional balance, skin care, respiratory health, green cleaning, and even muscle tension and pain.

    Participants will learn about essential oil safety, how essential oils are produced, and common methods of use.

    By the end of the workshop, you'll know how to make basic blends for yourself, family, and friends.

    Participants will make and bring home their own essential oil blend.


    Learn about the healing properties of different natural essential oils and concoct your own effective yet creative blend.

    • Healing blend for bodily aches.
    • Anti-Bacterial blend for acne.
    • Concentration blend for work & examinations.
    • Relationship healing blend for a sense of peacefulness and calm.
    • Others

    (Workshop fee $30  + Material fee $18)



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