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Soothing Whipped Cream

Product Review (submitted on August 5, 2017):
I always have red, itchy bumps around my forehead area, which is due to my eczema.. i tried the cream and apply it after my routine skin care. It stops the itch and after 2-3 applications, the redness ease and it's no longer itchy. The cream is not oily and has a very pleasant note.. helps in my sleep too!

After that, I learn that my 6 month old niece has very sensitive skin and her face, tummy and her limbs are always seen with red patches. PD gave her a steriod cream but my sister was not keen to apply for her.. infants tend to put her hand in the mouth too... we try this soothing cream on her face and her tummy.. very effective, my niece's skin condition gets so much better after daily application, twice a day. the red patches are gone within a week and she looks much better now..

Knowing MsArtisan's products are very safe for us and babies.. my sister is assured that this cream is safe for my niece and she started using it on herself too. Thank you Lee Min and Vera for introducing this effective cream to me!
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