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  • Even Hue

    Perfect light serum to calm skin irritation and reduce redness.

    Increase the production of collagen type I & III; reduce melanin/pigments and skin redness. Visibility of blood vessels shown on skin will be significantly lowered over time.

  • Soothing Whipped Cream

    Keeping the skin's moisture intact is one of the most important thing you can do to help control dry and itchy skin which may be caused by allergic reaction or skin disorder such as eczema. Eczema is a common skin disorder that causes red, inflamed skin known as “dermatitis.” People with eczema often experience unbearable itchy, inflamed, dry skin.

    Soothing Whipped Cream is formulated to manage the itch for the dry and inflamed skin while providing optimal conditions to reduce trans-epidermal water loss. It is highly moisturising with mango butter and phytoceramides, and deeply penetrative with liquid crystal structure emulsifier to deliver the nutrients into the skin. Together with Kigelia and Marrubium extracts, it provides strong anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and healing properties. Scarring and hyperpigmentation from constant inflammation are reduced with the boost from Sea Buckthorn berries oil so skin can heal back beautifully.

    Besides reliefing eczema and hives, Soothing Whipped Cream is a must-have product for skin injuries such as burns, abrasions, cuts and insect bites.

    The pH of this light cream has been fine-tuned to the optimal pH for healthy skin, so the acid mantle of our skin can be restored. This product is 100% steriod-free.

    Note: To address eczema and other related chronic skin issues, we've decided to reduce salicylate content in our soothing whipped cream by replacing moisturising avocado butter with equally moisturising but more calming mango butter. If you have salicylate intolerance or sensitivity, please use Soothing Whipped Cream - Salicylate-free instead.

  • Virgin Coconut Moisturizer

    This is a highly absorbent moisturizer with outstanding hydrating & moisturizing factors to deeply moisturize the skin inside out.

    This moisturizer is packed with ceramide complex (compromising of Ceramide 1, 3, 6II), hydrolyzed oat protein and extra-cellular matrix regulator synergy, effectively restoring skin barrier while hydrating and moisturizing the extra-cellular matrix, keeping skin soft and smooth without any heavy after feel. Skin feels softened and supple almost instantly.

  • Skin Deep Whitening Inflator Serum

    Another premium serum designed to revitalise & plump up sagging skin. This is our Beta-version of Skin Deep Whitening Protector Serum, which works similarly with its multi-factorial pathways happening deep in the dermis layer of the skin to combat signs of aging.

    It pumps up the dermis and epidermis layers with Extra-cellular Matrix components and ensure these layers are well "glued" together.

    What to expect are firmer skin tone, plumper skin with less wrinkles and expression lines, brighter tone and reduction in UV-induced skin growths. It is great for mature skin and those 25 yr old and above. Like the Alpha version, it is light weight and not rich in emollients, giving oily and/or younger skin the advantage of preventing aging earlier, without worrying about milia seeds and acne occuring.

  • Skin Deep Whitening Protector Serum

    Target aging problems from multi-factorial pathways.

    Combine nature’s gifts and advance technology science, Skin Deep Whitening Protector is cleverly formulated to target aging problems from multi-factorial pathways.

    1. Through various extracts and tripeptides, collagen I, III and IV are biosynthesized, thus effectively targeting sagging and thinning skin issues. Suppleness of youthful skin is also restored using extracts that increase and maintain the extracellular matrix of the skin.

    2. Skin is further protected from external and internal stress with DNA protecting actives to delay aging.

    3. Alpha-arbutin & skin healing essential oil synergy are added to enhance the whitening and fading of pigmentation, as well as increasing skin repair metabolism for fairer, firmer and younger skin.

    For mature skin and those 25 yr old and above who likes to delay aging. A rare potent antiaging serum without the rich components of typical anti-aging products in the market. No worries about milia seeds or acne from using this.

  • Immortality

    Keeps your skin Healthy! Really balanced and healthy!

    This is one powerful regulatory serum that lightens pigmentation and boosts lasting hydration while defending against signs of aging. We only use Sodium Hyaluronate of appromixately 100kDal for our skincare to ensure penetration, hydration and reducing any inflammatory response in the skin.

    Unlike most products, this serum does not contain WATER as its first ingredients!

    Niacinamide has been shown to promote collagen production and reduce hyper-pigmentation in science journals. Together with MSM, skin's health is further boost to another level. We have added these proven actives into this, so be rest assured that your skin will stay young and balanced!

    Blended with an ultra calming synergy of precious Essential oils: German blue chamomile, Roman chamomile, Helichrysum and Lavender; inflamed and sensitive skin is tamed while the essential oils work its magic in regulating problematic issues back to norm, restoring skin's homeostasis!

    Like the rest of our serum (serum-cum-moisturiser), this is light and easily absorbed into the skin.

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