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A collection of skin supplements that act as booster to your existing skincare regime. If your serum or moisturizer lacks vast functionality to supply skin needs, choose from our range of skin treatments that enhance hydration, exfoliation, reduction of inflammation and many more.

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  • Evening Primose Oil + 2% Marjoram & Tea Tree

    Supplementing your skin with Evening Primrose Oil. Ms Artisan has selected this oil that contains high linoleic acid of 75.1% to low oleic acid of 5.8% (with gamma-linolenic acid of 10.6%). Oils that are high in linoleic acids are known as the “dry oil” while those high in oleic acids are known as the moisturizing oil. Introducing high linoleic acid, low oleic acid oil into your skincare is crucial in preventing clogging your pores with your own sebum. Evening Primrose oil is enriched with Majoram essential oil and Tea tree oil. Marjoram is known to balance hormonal imbalances besides being anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory like Tea tree oil.

    The 5 natural AHAs for the skin: Lac­tic Acid (from Bilberry), Glycolic Acid (from Sugar Cane), Citric Acid (from Orange and Lemon), Malic & Tartaric Acid (from Sugar Maple) Abnormal lamellar adhesion causes the clumping of cells in the follicles which naturally blocks the passageway in the pores. This prevents sebum to flow out of the pores smoothly. Mild AHAs can enhance the reduction of clogs formation and soften existing clog for easier removal. Besides AHAs, we added Pineapple enzyme, Bromelain, to give sluggish shedding a boost.


    Tremella Fuciformis, extracted from the commonly known Snow Fungus, is a rich source of polysaccharide with hydrating power 400X as much as Sodium Hyaluronate. Besides having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, Snow fungus has shown remarkable wound healing properties too. Resurrection plant is an unique desert plant that has evolved to survive long periods of drought stress and resurge from a desiccated state due to this molecule called myconoside. Peroxide-stressed normal human fibroblast cells that have been treated with resurrection extract showed improvement in skin elasticity, radiance and needless to say, skin’s ability to hold and retain moisture. We have combined 2 of nature’s most naturally hydrating plant extracts in a bottle to boost bioavailability to your skin and increase skin’s hydration and suppleness.

  • 10% NIACINAMIDE + 2% SAP

    Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is known to have numerous skin benefits. As a precursor of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate ( NADP), the “currency” used by our body in glycolysis reaction, niacinamide increases both connective tissue and gel matrix component of dermis layer. Besides this, niacinamide has been found to help in increasing epidermal ceramides thus improve skin hydration and strengthening skin barrier from water loss. By stimulating and regulating keratinocytes differentiation, aging related epidermal issues can be delayed. Niacinamide interfering with melanosome transference to keratinocytes has also been demonstrated. This means that sun-induced pigmentation is reduced and interrupted during sun exposure. Along with the ability in reducing lipids production, clogs and acne are also reduced. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (SAP) Unlike the famous L-ascorbic acid, this is a stabilised precursor form of vitamin C. It is cleaved enzymatically in the skin to become vitamin C and SAP is compatible with a higher pH of 6. This means less sensitivity issues and irritation side effects compared to the conventional unstable L-ascorbic acid. Besides similar properties such as healing, brightening, whitening and strong antioxidation, SAP also exhibited strong antimicrobial ability. Niacinamide and SAP are compatible in both skin functions and pH, boosting each other in reducing melanin deposition, clearing acne and delaying aging.

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