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  • Luminescence Tonic

    This facial toner is specially formulated to help tone, defend and renew environmentally damaged skin. Reverse the signs of aging to a youthful, brighter you.

    It contains Acai fruit extract, Rice extract, Witch Hazel distillate, Green tea extract, Chamomile extract and other skin essentials to nourish your skin. Besides being anti-microbial (from bacteria to fungus, mould and yeast), it also have additional hydrating effect.

  • Matte Tonic

    A harmonious blend of sebum regulatory distillates(Lavender & Orange blossom) with skin essential vitamin & mineral (Vitamin B3 & MSM) to improve & balance skin's health.

    Niacinamide, known as Vitamin B3, is known to stimulate collagen and ceramide synthesis, thus improving skin's natural barrier. MSM, an organic form of sulphur, is a building block of collagen and connective tissues. Together with niacinamide, problematic skin will be restored. Its mattifying and clarifying properties are contributed by the addition of Horsetail extract, reducing the embarrassing oily sheen on our face!

  • Perfect Harmony Mist

    Hydrosols, the water-components of plants that undergo steam distillation, while extracting essential oils, have properties similar to that of their oils counterparts. Although inevitably in a less concentrated form, they are enriched with various water-soluble active ingredients.

    This is made purely from hydrosols and essential oils, making it a good regulatory toner/mist that helps to balance the oil production and soothes inflamed skin.

    The gentleness makes it an excellent way to tone, hydrate, and re-balance the pH of the skin. As such, this is recommended as toners after cleansing or nourishing masks.

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