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  • Micellar Cleansing Water

    A formula with good cleansing power for removing makeup, sunblock, excess sebum and residue. Instead of using harsh chemicals to dissolve makeup and sunblock, Micellar cleansing water lifts the unwanted particles naturally, thus preventing skin irritation. This gentle water restores our skin outermost protective layer and it can be used on whole face including sensitive eye area. How does it work? Micellar Cleansing Water contains micelle molecules, which are known as tiny oil molecules, suspended in water. These molecules trap dirt, oil and unwanted impurities leaving skin cleansed and hydrated without any harsh rubbing and rinsing. This perfect beauty product comes in handy when not much running water is easily accessible. Furthermore, we get to spend less time cleansing our skin at the end of the day!

  • Lycopene Enzyme Peel

    "Treatment cum mask for the acne-prone and sensitive skin"

    High in anti-oxidant Lycopene, this is a treatment cum mask product for the acne-prone and sensitive skin. It contains higher percentage of mild pineapple enzyme for softening clogs and reducing acne. Edelweiss extract, which has 2x the power of Vitamin C, along with anti-histamine Marrubium extract, can effectively reduce the redness and irritation of inflamed skin while speeding up the healing process.

    In general, this is a mask for the dry and acned skin. Skin is tender, clearer and brighter with one application.

    We have increased the volume from 30ml to 45ml! Get to enjoy more application of mask for the same price!

  • Age-Proof Sunblock (White)

    • We have increased our sunblock vegetable melanin in our new batch of white age proof sunblock.
    A little fact about vegetable melanin: Our plant melanin is extracted from the brown fruit of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera). This plant is cultivated in desert environments, known to posses the most intense sunlight radiation on the surface of the Earth. Vegetable Melanin is produced in the fruit during ripening by the enzyme tyrosinase, to protect the fruit from the intense solar radiation. Vegetable Melanin has the typical polyphenol composition of all melanins; it is this polyphenol composition that gives Vegetable Melanin an­tioxidant and free radical scavenging properties. Vegetable Melanin also possesses strong absorption in the UVA and visible regions of the sunlight spectrum, and is re­sponsible for protection in these areas. Age-Proof Sunblock is a wide-spectrum sun protector (block wavelength of 290nm - 700nm) with healing aloe vera & anti-oxidants to maintain the skin integrity and minimize the damage of UV. As no sunblock blocks 100% of the UV rays, our skin will still be exposed to a certain percentage of UV rays on a daily basis. The addition of special watermelon extract and vegetable melanin found in this sunblock will prevent the breakdown of our skin's DNA by these UV rays.
    • UVA wavelength range : 320-400nm
    • UVB wavelength range: 290-320nm
    Oil-free formula (except 1% or below essential oils)

    Comes in original white and tinted pink form.

  • Flora Fusion Wash

    A Sulphate FREE facial wash that smells fabulous!

    Natural Soapberry Saponins and Decyl Glucosides clean effectively and are mild & gentle on your skin. It contains superfood - Pomegranate extract, calming Calendula extract and hydrating cleaning agents to remove light make-up, dirts and impurities while maintaining skin's natural pH.

    Cleansers usually contain large percentage of harsh surfactants and preservatives. However, with our unique formulation, together with our principle of wholesome & natural skincare, we have replaced all these chemical (from surfactants to preservatives) to eco-friendly and natural ingredients.

    This floral refreshing eco-wash is preserved with paraben-free and formaldehyde-free preservative system.


  • Combination Skin Benefactor Serum

    A light serum with essential nutrients for the young (normal-oily skin). This serum provides moisture that is crucial in balancing oily skin by hydrating both the inner and outer skin layers (due to the very small hyaluronic acid molecules that can penetrate deep into the skin). As hyaluronic acid is highly hydrophilic and can hold water 1000 times its weight, it binds strongly to water, thus keeping the skin well-hydrated throughout the day. Calming and astringent properties of both Orange and Lavender hydrosols, together with anti-acne, oil-controlling ingredients will reduce the sebaceous gland activity, even out skin tone and increase pro-collagen-I production, thus delaying signs of aging.

    Finally a serum with anti-aging properties for the young skin.Milia seeds, white heads, oily yet dehydrated common skin woes are no longer a sticky problem!

  • Luminescence Tonic

    This facial toner is specially formulated to help tone, defend and renew environmentally damaged skin. Reverse the signs of aging to a youthful, brighter you.

    It contains Acai fruit extract, Rice extract, Witch Hazel distillate, Green tea extract, Chamomile extract and other skin essentials to nourish your skin. Besides being anti-microbial (from bacteria to fungus, mould and yeast), it also have additional hydrating effect.

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